Well, yes, there are real ones out there on the Lantana bush.  But the butterflies on my mind are the ones fluttering in my midsection.  Getting started with my very first blog has been a challenge and an adventure. 

To WordPress, I send my sincere appreciation for working out the kinks of all the technical hurdles that has made this so easy for me to get started without having to write one line of code.  

Let’s start with the who? what? and why? 

Who: just call me BJ,  I’m the eldest daughter, wife for 40+ years, mother, friend and needlworker and find something to smile about every day! 

What: Red Bird Ranch was established almost 20 years ago and La Colline, The Hill, is our homestead, my dream come true. 

Why: From years of reading blogs, I’ve found that there is a balance in sharing and learning.   That is why I am here,  to share and learn.

I’ll share that any journey is started by taking the first step.  I’ve learned that it wasn’t as hard as I thought.  Be still Butterflies.

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