He’s Ba-ck!


 This time last year, we lost Mama Cassie to an unknown predator. 

In less than a week, Toby McDougal, who never misses a meal and was not at breakfast, finally came to dinner with severe injuries to his side.  He survived because of luck and the excellent care he received from his doctor at the Dewberry Hill Veterinary Hospital. 

The culprit was a Red-Tailed Hawk.  Last summer was long and dry.  The Hawk pair who live in our five acre wood raised two nestlings and, for the first time in almost 20 years, one or both of their youngsters tried to make a meal of my cats.

I imagine that the adult hawk who landed in the Hackberry tree this morning, as I watched him from the Cabin windows, is very likely one of the youngsters now full grown and following a pattern he learned last summer.  When the grass begins to dry out, the rabbits go deeper into the woods for forage.  It is simpler to look for a meal that lays in full view on the back steps!

But not for long!  I went to door, Beatrice and Bonnie were watching the hawk as intently as he was them.  I clapped my hands, he flew off and the very spooked kitties went straight into the Cabin.   Ten minutes later, the hawk came back!  A spoon and a metal lid was enough to send him off screeeing at me far south into pine forest.

All about the Red-Tailed Hawk:
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2 Responses to He’s Ba-ck!

  1. Jennyff says:

    Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of blog. I was quite shocked to read about what happened to your poor cats, nature red in tooth and claw indeed. Wonderful to have so much wildlife around you but better if you can all live in harmony, I hope your pets keep safe

  2. lacolline says:

    Thank you for the welcome. It is pretty cool, this blog thing. So much to learn and discover! And, yes, it is most wonderful to be surrounded by wildlife. Losing Cassie was sad and Toby is alright. I understand and respect, too, the struggle that surrounds me. It is the balance of life and overall, that is the harmony. I’m so glad you stopped by to visit.

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