Rain at Utility Porch

Rain South View

Looking south from the west porch

Mr Gene’s pronoucement of the expected rain in two days after hearing the train whistle was right.   The welcome relief from the showers arrived the very afternoon after that whistle’s woeful sound floated up the hill, a signal for safety and an accurate prediction of the rain that was to come our way. 

The trees and the grass and the animals, and this rain-loving human, were all very thankful.  I love the sound and the smell and how it feels as the sprinklets of water reach even under the porch and tickle the skin on my arms.   It’s luscious! and there was promise in the sky this morning of more showers to come.   Not to be greedy, but we welcome more gifts from the sky.  The showers we receive now strengthen the pastures that will feed our cattle and the grazing wildlife this winter.  An early start in August is a blessing for all.

I close today with a gift of words for a special person celebrating her birthday today, my baby sister……..

“Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in my heart ~ oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape ~ of your sister.”       __Katherine Mansfield

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2 Responses to Gifts

  1. jo says:

    thank you dear sister, the photos would have been enough of a birthday. they are beautiful, your “eye” has always been so artistic. then u added your sweet words-made me cry. i love you!
    looking forward to reading more-really!!!!!

  2. lacolline says:

    i love you, too! Have fun tonight!

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