Monday Starts

The world has shifted, just a tad. The sunshine is about to reach into the dining room window that faces south. A soft breeze across my face Saturday morning tasted a little fresher, and the Elms are sprinkling leaves here and there in brief little bursts. A sign of the start of another favorite season.

You know how the hot August air tastes roasted? Even though the thermometer tops well over 90 every afternoon, the morning air has extra droplets of moisture hidden in those dry flavors. You may ask, how do I taste it? Just take a deep breath and feel the sensations. A good way to get to know what you breathe all day without noticing.

Another shift is in the world of schedules. For many, school starts today. Although we are long distanced from the adrenaline rush of getting ready for That First Day, I still feel a need to adjust my inner calendar. Also, a special note to myself: avoid going to town for a few days while all those carpools and buses work out their new routines.

Mondays have long been a day of refreshment for me. While Sunday is the official first day of the week, Mondays have been my starter day. The day I recover from the activities of the weekend, the day to relish the quiet and read, or the day to think about and start a new project.
I am reading P. D. James’ autobiography, Time to Be Earnest, and I am thinking of casting on that shawl in the article, ‘What would Miss Marple Knit’, from the latest Piecework magazine.

Monday is my day off and so full of opportunities. I vote for Monday to be the start of the week.

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