It’s Own Beauty

Last Monday started more than ideas and plans, it was a lead into the end of beautiful August days.  Our mornings begin with the usual routine of feed the cats, start the coffee, encourage Jesse that, yes, he does have to get up, and “do you want breakfast or go outside?”  Most of the time the choice is breakfast.  By that time, coffee is brewed ‘n poured and Jesse has finished his morning meal, he and I go outside to sit on the porch and soak up the gifts of good energy for the day. 

One of this week’s early morning pleasures has been enjoying the lovely work of a young Banana Spider,  Argiope aurantia , also known as an orb weaver.  His night’s work on the north side of the porch catches the early morning sunlight as well as his daily meal throughout the day. 

Beatrice and The Orb Weaver

Of course, I seldom take photos around the West Porch that Beatrice doesn’t manage to stroll within reach of the camera’s lens. 

Yesterday, was the bi-monthly visit for my friend and I at our neighbor-friend’s studio.  We helped our hostess warp her loom and it’s amazing how helpful we were (smile) – but it was fun and full of chatter.  Once the two weavers got the warp thread off the board, I had an opportunity to try a Majacraft, two treadle wheel.  After being rescued from the too-tight tension, I found my groove and spun happily to the background of loom warping talk.   Our hostess is a gourmet cook and treated us to a delicious lunch and afterwards, the loom was ready for weaving as my girlfriend and I headed home.

The day started with the first light winds from the Northeast and coffee with my pal, Jesse, was filled with laughter and warm chatter of good friends, and ended with the reminder that it is, afterall, still August, hot and yet beautiful and full of promise…

August Afternoons at the Red Bird Ranch

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