The Sam Houston Weavers and Spinners held their monthly meeting yesterday at the Carriage Inn in Huntsville, Texas, an independent retirement living community that includes wonderful amenities for groups to meet, from large to small.

Last month, we held our Spin-In in the large meeting room where my husband and I hosted his graduation dinner last year. The Craft Room is a one bedroom unit which provides a kitchen (great for workshops that require appliances), a private bathroom for attending members, and two separate rooms for multi-purpose use. The third meeting location is a medium sized room that can hold from 25 to 30 people seated at round tables.

The reason I am giving so many details about where the Weavers and Spinners meet is because the Carriage Inn Staff have been an exemplary hosts, not only serving a wonderful dinner for my husband’s celebration, but also for every one of our Guild meetings held at this lovely facility. Our hosts provide us with beautifully landscaped surroundings, refreshments served in comfortable rooms that are custom sized to fit our needs.

My sincere appreciation to each staff member at the Carriage Inn.
If you live in Huntsville or visiting, stop by and say Hello for me.

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