Taste of Monday

Thunder is rumbling up from the south, so this will be just a taste of what is on the plate for the coming week.

This Monday was started with a little carding time of some scrumptious …

And down went the system!
Not complaining, the thunder kept its promise and brought a healthy dose of rain all the way up here. But the details of my morning, all about that scrumptious Alpaca fiber and what is planned for the week ahead, disappeared.
I will just summarize with photos, first the Alpaca…

Alpaca fleece - a gift from a friend

Picked and washed by me ~ will eventually be spun, by me.

Next up, the yarn selected for the “What Would Miss Marple Knit?” shawl found in the latest Piecework magazine…

"Warm wool from a cold war"

Peace Fleece ~ Porter, Maine

Peace Fleece

Tonight, while casting on the first stitches of the WWMMD shawl, I will be faithfully watching The Closer.

You are never too old to be a dyed-in-the-wool fan of somone or some thing!


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One Response to Taste of Monday

  1. Jennyff says:

    Nothing nicer than starting with week by casting on something new. That purple yarn is gorgeous bet you can’t wait to get it onto the needles.

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