Make a List

Wecome September. 
You bring images of fluttering leaves floating pell mell to the ground, pastures turning golden and even the evening air filling with coral and peach with each of your breathtaking sunsets. 

Another gift September brings for me is an odd, overwhelming need to organize.  Very much like that Spring cleaning phenomenon.  The only problem is that I have the attention span of a flea, trying organize and staying on track is a challenge.  I know a list would help, but I missed getting that link in my DNA chain so, even if I make a list, it gets lost in the shuffle.  I even have a spiral notebook that should be at my right ready for scattered thoughts — it’s in the Cabin.  I’m in the house.

It seems that the desire to get my ducks in a row may be tied to some deep-seated need to be ready for winter. If all I had to do was store my acorns, a feat to be admired, perhaps I could stay focused. But I am blessed, or cursed, with a brain that shoots off in its own direction with each skein of yarn touched, each magazine stacked, each book slipped into its slot on the bookcase. And don’t even get me started about all the exciting seminars, workshops and fiber festivals I’ve been discovering on the net and want to add to the Events page right here in La Colline. You know that Fall and Festival are synonymous.

I really must get this September-itis under control (train my flea brain), corral that notebook, keep it with me all day and follow the example set for me by life-long friend, a Master List Maker. Arrange in writing just what I want to accomplish in an orderly, visual, tangible reference.
Sounds good… wish me luck.

Welcome September

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