A Great Teacher

Early last week, as I cruised the groups that I have listed on my main Ravelry page, I belatedly read that The Hook and Needle shop in Bryan, Texas, had an end-of-summer clearance sale. I had missed the opportunity to buy Louet’s Euroflax at a really good price. I lamented my loss to the group just below the notice in the open forum and within 24 hours, the proprietress graciously extended the sale until the end of the week (for all of us who were not paying attention).

I called my friend, Ann, and we made a day of yarn shopping and relishing a delicious lunch at La Riviera. We needed a good meal after our long discussion in the yarn shop as to whether 270 yds would be enough to warp my Cricket loom using a 10 dent heddle. First of all, please understand that I am a dedicated Right Brain thinker and my friend, Ann, is dyed-in-the-wool Left Brain, retired Algebra teacher!

Right Brain-ers like me think randomly, intuitively, and look at the whole, overall picture. My Left Brain friend thinks sequentially, analytically, and looks at the parts. In addition to those differences, she uses a 4-harness loom, mine is a single rigid heddle. I did a quick calculation and came up with 240 yards for warping a 6 ft long, 12 in. wide scarf on a 10 dent heddle, which left 30 yards for take-up during weaving and the very little waste tying on. Surely that was enough? Ann calculated each yarn length and told me I would only have 6 inches at each end of each yarn. Not enough for the tie-on and take-up, but to be precise – she would check her books and get back to me next week.

I thought that through again that night just before I went to sleep and the same answer, ‘it will be enough’, was still there when I woke up. When I saw Ann in town later that day, I again made my case, but she was not convinced, but not commenting why.  So, two days later, before having a chance to visit with my friend again, I threw in the towel and picked up my own weaving book to get the formulas for setting up a loom. Ann was right!  The numbers -those Left Brain tools- indicate that I will come up 5 yards short.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

The project can go forward, I bought 2 skeins of the same color for warping.
Overall, it was the prudent thing to do.

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