The Process

Remember the ‘What Would Miss Marple Knit?’ Shawl from the latest issue of Piecework magazine?  The simplicity of the pattern (with a little extra twist), the connection with the Agatha Christie character, Miss Marple, and that it is a vintage pattern from Weldon’s Practical Needlework has kept me on task to find the right yarn.   The Peace Fleece caught my eye first because of the color and that it was 100% wool.  But even using size 8 US needles, the fabric was too stiff for this project and gauge was way off from the 6 stitches to an inch suggested in the pattern.  

I set that aside and took a left turn, picked up Berroco’s NaturLin, a linen and rayon yarn, and worked up a 4 inch size swatch.  The size 8 needles gave me the same gauge as the Peace Fleece and the stitches were too loose, so I knitted a matching number of rows on size 6 needles, then washed and blocked the swatch to determine the drape.  As you can see below in the collage, the yarn is beautiful, but the feel was not what I wanted. 

Third time is the charm – found two skeins of 100% Mohair that I purchased from El Coyote Ranch, Texas, (in a very close companion in color to my Peace Fleece yarn) and started the exciting journey from discovery, to sampling and finally knitting the first stitches.  I’m not sure that Miss Marple would have to go through all that, but I believe she would approve of this lovely yarn.

click-to-enlarge; click again for a close-up

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  1. Jennyff says:

    Miss Marple would certainly have approved of your quest for perfection. The yarn looks beautifully soft and its my kind of colour, look forward to seeing your progress (no pressure then).

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