Monday Again

Life on the Hill has fallen into a light slumber, napping with its eyes slightly open. I have long learned to relish these easy hours, because usually it means something is about to happen. I can only guess it is nature’s gift to rest and recharge in preparation for whatever is ahead.

In this gentle rhythm, I have checked off two major items on my list for the week, one was calling the electrician and arranging a time for him to come do some maintenance and install the drop lighting in the Cabin. The other item checked off the list was locking in reservations for the Kid ‘N Ewe and Lamas, Too Fiber Festival for November. My travel-mate and fiber friend requested double beds (she must have heard that I kick in my sleep), so when I found that the Marriott provides two queen beds, I grabbed us a room.

Having accomplished so much this morning besides the regular stuff, my reward is a whole afternoon of reading a treasure that I found at a rummage sale last Saturday, a novel by Gail Tsukiyama, Women of the Silk, set in rural China in 1926. I bought the book for a Guild friend who gave a wonderful presentation of the history of weaving earlier this year, which included information on silk weaving. But once I started reading, the story has so enthralled me, I must finish it before giving it to my friend.

Of course, I subscribe to the “knit everyday keeps you healthy” theory, mentally at least. The Miss Marple shawl is coming along nicely; I’ve reached the pattern rows (photos coming soon). Tonight is the last episode of the season of The Closer starring  Kyra Sedgwick, my idol. Yes, even ol’ ladies have their favorites in the entertainment world! I expect it to be quite exciting, which means I’ll just knit faster. So, some television can be good for getting projects well on their way. A closing thought:

“You’re never to old to become younger.”    -Mae West

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