The Shoe Dropped

When I walked out this morning and not even the leaves were moving, my expectation that something was about to happened felt even stronger. The earth was turning slowly, the thermometer outside hadn’t even bothered to creep up with the sun.

I’m not complaining. The cool morning was a welcome relief and allowed for porch sitting with a cup of coffee while Jesse explored the hill and Joshua, the boy cat, lay in my feet. A particularly good way to start the day. But I was still waiting with an odd sense of something not quite right.

The morning continued, after coffee, email chatting and completing chores, then lunch, I picked up The Shawl, the pattern from Piecework magazine.  I knitted two more rows, then noticed that a couple of rows below, I had messed up the edge stitches. The pattern only says to “increase” at the beginning of every other row, so I elected to knit front and back (kfb). It is turning out to be, I think, a very clever edging, however, repairing dropped kfb stitches has also turned out to be a challenge for me. To avoid undue stress, I just pulled out two rows of stitches and began again after repairing the increase stitches.

Now, I am feeling pretty smug at this point, thinking how wonderful it is to rip those rows of mohair and the remaining stitches just sit there for me to pick them up and go on my merry way. This mohair has short enough hairs to not get tangled, another big plus for smugdom and as every knitter knows, smug is the best way to raise a red flag at the knitting gods. Stitches back on the needle, increase stitches sitting prettily in a row and I pause. Perhaps I should count all the rows, just to confirm that I’ve done everything “right”.

Marked with sticky note, and still missed it!

I counted, and counted again. Didn’t it say that I was to repeat those two rows 15 times? I looked at the pattern twice and no matter how I added them up, it still totaled 56 rows (plus the two just ripped out).
I was supposed to repeat 5 times!! and stop at the 52nd row.
I marked it, right there… and you can see my little red row counter. But all the tools in the world don’t help if you are watching exciting programs like the last episode of the season of The Closer on television and not paying attention to how many rows you have stitched!

Long silence and that shoe dropped..

Ready to begin again. Pay attention; No TV!

That odd feeling I’ve been having for two days was explained away in that moment of unforgiving math!

Deep breaths and carefully pulling until the correct number of rows are on the needle, counted at least three times with the same answer, I am ready to continue. Hopefully, The Shawl will be completed before new episodes come around again.

There is a light breeze outside and the thermometer is at 96 degrees.  Maybe the earth is almost at normal speed.
I’ll let you know when the second shoe arrives.

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