Every Morning

This is the crowd I meet as I walk out the door every morning.
They are polite and know to wait patiently as I set their bowls into place, much like dealing out the cards on a poker table.

Let me introduce you to my Kitty Krew, beginning with the Senior Cat, who gets his own dining table, Toby McDougal. On the deck, starting at the top: Samson the Stray, then Bonnie Lea, daughter to …Beatrice, then Emily the ancient one, Joshua the boy cat and brother to …Kyoto. Under the chair behind Kyoto is Cissy, sister to Kyoto and Joshua, but no one likes her, so she is shunned.

Before anyone starts the rumor that I am a crazy ol’cat lady, please keep in mind that I am really a “dog” person, but whoever-is-in-charge keeps sending these cats my way. Of course, living in the country, there are too many times unwanted animals who are abandoned here. The Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter is the organization that I turn to for help in those situations.

More than 11 years ago, Toby was rescued; he had an injury, so he got to stay while healing and mangaged to steal my heart in the process. The siblings, Joshua, Kyoto and Kabuki (who stays in the house) and Cissy, were a surprise gift from Mama Cassie almost 8 years ago. Emily ended up here as I was transferring her to her new home, but she was so wild that I suggested that the family choose another kitty. Beatrice showed up starving, then a week later brought her three wild kittens from a far neighbor’s equipment barn and raised them on this porch. Her two boys were adopted from the shelter and Bonnie got to stay because she was so very attached to her mother. Beatrice is the smallest in size of the Kitty Krew with the biggest personality.

That just leaves Samson, the recent addition, who has been here only a few months. Even though he is almost twice as big as Beatrice, when he first arrived and would show up only for a meal, she would walk over and thunk him on the top of his head with her paw. I can only surmise that she was telling him to behave – and he did. Beatrice is a bit bossy.

After breakfast, Beatrice and daughter and Kyoto come in the Cabin for their day nap. Emily and Cissy move to the deck to lay in the morning sun. The boys find their day spots, Toby goes to the hay barn, Samson around to the front porch and Joshua to one of the chairs that you can see at the top of the picture above.

Then we do it all over again in the evening just as the sun is setting, me and my Kitty Krew.

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  1. Your porch looks much as ours does. Just wait until it gets cold and St Tim has to bring the heated cat condo back from the barn. Sigh. ;-)

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