Treasure Hunt

Waiting at the gate of the 2010 Huntsville Antique Show in Walker County, Texas, ready to launch in search of the best treasures!

I am off to find needlework treasures and these photos show how distracting all the lovely goodies can be when you are looking for that something special.

“Don’t you think this will look just perfect in our house,  sweetheart?”

This display was set up with an artist’s touch. I wanted to bring her home with me –and all her goodies, too.

Score! Hidden in the corner of a glass-top display case was this wonderful vintage Weave-It or a Loomette. It was meant to come home with me.  I learned that the pins are set in catalin bakelite, which is transparent rather than opaque in color.

The website, eLoomaNation, provides an interesting history of these treasured looms.  More research, I hope, will tell me which manufacturer made this particular hand loom.  The day was fun, not only because of finding the wee loom, but also because CM met me there for lunch, we both visited with several friends as we wandered up and down the aisles, and as always, the search for treasure is the inspiration that draws all together.
At the close of the day, this is truly the end of the rainbow

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