Spin-In Report

I feel like it’s the day after a rock concert –without the headache.  The Fall Spin-in at WC Mercantile in Navasota, Texas, was a rockin’ good time and a spinning success.   

Although a bit tired physically, my fiber heart and soul is refreshed from being surrounded by luscious goodness of yarn and fiber, wrapped warmly in friendship and camaraderie.  I have only a few photos, just tidbits of the grand day.  There was so much going on, I almost forgot that I even had my camera.    

Demonstrations included Kool-Aid dyeing… 

Dyeing with Kool-Aid Demonstration

Fiber on the paw - Beautiful, fluffy Angora Rabbit

… spinning from a bunny,
fiber prep with carders and different styles of combs,
and a drop spindle lesson. 

There were so many wheels – new, vintage and antique.

Deborah demonstrating the long-draw spinning technique

Just a few of the many spinners with wheels and drop spindles.


An exciting venue was the Batt Bar, a collection of fibers to choose from and create your own fiber batt, custom carded by Petra…

The magic hands of Petra, carding custom batts for charity.

…and the funds raised were donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  

I did spend a little time at the refreshment table -fresh fruit and yummy cookies ‘n cakes- and also with my drop spindle while I relaxed and enjoyed watching everyone have fun.
Be sure to join us for the next one in the Spring!  

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3 Responses to Spin-In Report

  1. Martha H. says:

    What a wonderful time we had. I love your story about the event.
    I wish I had been able to stay and visit with you longer, but Monica can now spin on her wheel.

  2. It was a blast! I think this was the best one we’ve had. The demos and batt bar had folks up, out of their seats and visiting! They are keepers for sure.

    Love your report BJ. Next time you’ll have to have a Press Pass.

  3. lacolline says:

    Thank you, Martha. I loved your visit; all spinners understand when duty calls!

    You made me laugh, Stephanie! An image of one of the cameras with the big flash came to mind and, of course, I’d have to wear a hat! Thanks for Everything!! You and your mom are superb hostesses.

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