Catching Up

The dog did not eat my homework, but confusing the code in the style sheet that I selected to write in did rearrange the layout if the published posts and sidebar goodies.

Let’s back up first to the photos of Beatrice and Bonnie last week. That was my first creative move, trying to arrange the photos just right but not paying attention to their relative size. My tweaking added an extra line of open code that ran the beginning sentence all the way across the page. I fixed that, but the calendar was still at the bottom of the page.

I cruised and updated everything that had an update button, but to no avail. Finally Madame Fate felt sorry for me and led me to the final fix-it. More of my custom layout efforts in the latest post about the Spin-In had added extra/unnecessary code that pushed the calendar and links to the bottom of the page, too.

Probably more that anyone really wants to know, but I’ve been pecking at this problem for three days. What a relief to get things back in order!

So with a sigh of relief, I will also share that the What Would Miss Marple Knit Shawl has finally been stitched beyond the glitches I caused last week.

Two errors, one at the edge (again) and a dropped stitch in the middle of the pattern row inspired me to put in a life line and re-knit those three rows. The project is truly not that complicated, but I tend to pick it up while I’m doing something else and divided attention does tempt the gremlins.

In between knitting The Shawl, spending a day at Judi’s Studio with friends and neighbors yesterday and repairing my creative code killing errors, I do find time to spin every day. Usually early in the morning, a meditative exercise to begin the day calm and focused.

Fiber: BFL from WC Mercantile in Navasota, Texas

Of course, the icing on the activity cake has been our lovely Texas Autumn weather brought by the first of the season’s cool northwest breezes. The a/c has been turned off since Sunday and I’ve been sleeping with the windows open. Cool nights and a feather comforter makes for the best sleep!

To close for today, after taking the other two snapshots of knitting and spinning progress, I found Joshua soaking up this morning’s warm sunshine and tried to get his sweet face while asleep. But the clicks of the camera brought him out of his dreams and these sleepy green eyes were are such special treat, I just had to share.

~ Joshua ~

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