Celebrate Spinning and Weaving

It almost slipped by me, the annual celebration of Spinning and Weaving Week.  This year from October 4th to October 10th, we celebrate the art and skills of spinners and weavers.

When the first human twisted grasses together, perhaps to make a stronger cord for tying camping gear together, the skill of twisting and spinning fibers was the first step to creating cloth.  Next was learning how to manipulate those spun fibers into a woven structure, to carry things or cover themselves.  Even today our shirts, jeans, purses, those camping tents and even silk ties are a result of the talents of spinners and weavers.

Hug a spinner and a weaver this week. And if you stick around a little while, you may be handed a spindle, a shuttle, or invited to sit at the wheel. Accept the opportunity, it is a rewarding experience.

PS: check the Events page for the link to the Handweavers Guild of America

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