Autumn Days at the Ranch

Autumn in south central Texas is always a surprise. It may come as early as late August or as late as early November. This year, Autumn blew in with cool, dry winds smack in the middle, just before the first of October. It was such a surprise, the leaves on the trees have yet to turn into Fall Colors.

What is not a surprise, when those cool northers first blow down on us, is the grand release of ragweed pollen. I’ve mentioned before that my nemesis flips my allergy switch, it also drives me to the safety of inside.
I sit here each morning wishing I was outside.

The waiting spindles and workbasket treasures are my consolation.

I get a brief reprieve and get to stroll the Hill after the days pollen has settled to enjoy Autumn on the Hill.  They are lovely evenings, the cool air that was stirred by the days warm sun settles into dazzling rays through the end of the summer leaves.

Then the warm colours of summer are pulled away,
 leaving the cool night under a steel blue sky.

This is Autumn at Red Bird Ranch, and other than a little extra pollen, I cherish all of her lovely, welcome surprises.

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