Writer’s Block

Fingertips resting on the keys, staring at that little vertical line as it incessantly blinks in anticipation, and no words -not even a letter- would flow from my brain to the screen. I’ve blamed it on the ragweed, it messes everything else up, why not. I’ve blamed it on the medicine that supports me through the ragweed assault, surely it has dulled my imagination.
But the reality is, I’ve simply had Writer’s Block.

Not that life doesn’t continue with all its ups and downs. On the Down list has been a leaky roof for the last few months. We’ve had several very dry weeks, but I know that when the rain does come, it will be a mess inside if something is not done. The other down has been an ornery aerobic system with its prima donna circuit board. The service guy has temporarily bypassed the brain and I am flipping the power on and off for it to work.

However, the Ups outnumber the Downs mentioned above. The new roof is being installed Thursday, including the house, West Porch, Cabin and stalls in the paddock. They are even taking off the badly built utility porch roof and replacing the whole thing as well as its nice new covering. The septic system is getting a new brain soon; I won’t have to remember to turn it on or off!

A significant Up on the list is an addition to my fiber tools. The listing showed up on Ravelry last Tuesday and I knew instantly that it was to be my very own spinning wheel. She is an Ashford Traveler, vintage 1980′s, and came all the way from Kansas. I picked her up on Thursday and have been spinning to my heart’s content.

The final Up to bring you completely up-to-date, the electrician was here last week to reset our power pole (yes, it was falling over, one for the Down list) and I convinced him to come again this week to finally install the track lighting in the Cabin. I’ve had the materials for almost two years, it’s time to put a little shine inside.

Ahhh. The keys sound so nice as they click along with the words that are finally flowing. I will try to make up for my absence by not delaying photo satisfaction any more than a day or two. One of the spinning wheel, of course, and at least one of a knitting project I just finished.

No more Writer’s Block! It’s nice to be back.

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