Mon Petit Oiseau

The promised photos of my first spinning wheel…

She is an Ashford Traveler, 1980′s vintage, purchased through Ravelry from Lori, blushingewe. Her Etsy shop is also Blushing Ewe and Lori included some of her beautiful fiber with the wheel (excellent packing material!).

From the moment I saw this wheel listed, I felt it would be a perfect fit. I have tried three others, even taking an Introductory to the Wheel class at WC Mercantile. Each wheel was quite lovely, but I could never get my rhythm going on any one of them. It was a leap of faith with a dose of intuition to believe that this wheel would be just right.

After putting her together late Thursday night, I waited until the next morning to give her a spin. Within fifteen minutes, I had yarn! I started with Suffolk, which has to be the hardest fiber of all to spin, because I knew if I could spin that – I could spin anything. It didn’t take much effort to switch to BFL, or Blue Face Leicester. As I picked up speed, the wheel began to tweet like a tiny bird. Not a squeak, but a twitter. It was at that moment my wheel had a name, Petit Oiseau – Little Bird.

This is where I spin every morning…

And this is my lovely new yarn spun on mon Petit Oiseau…

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