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When the writing mojo pushed over the writer’s block, I also promised a photo of the most recent project.  The hat that interrupted my zen knitting of the ‘What Would Miss Marple Knit?” shawl  is for my running pal and ranch friend, Ann. She was given a lovely knitted hat with ear flaps a number of years ago and it has been worn to its end.  Regardless of the 80+ degree (F) days around here, cold weather is coming sooner than later, so hat knitting began when I stumbled upon the perfect yarn at the recent Spin-In at WC Mercantile in Navasota. It is 100% Alpaca from the Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca Ranch, spun as Lopi, in natural colors.
A deliciously lofty, bulky yarn that practically jumped off the shelf at me.

I had intended to knit just a cream topper straight from a pattern that I found through searching in Ravelry. Note the word intend. Once I saw the dark grey (it was jumping, too) I bought two cream and one grey. Swatching determined a needle size 10 US and when I closely studied the pattern, I realized that it was top down with KFB (Knit front and back) increases. I tried a couple of rounds and was not pleased with the results. Just a personal quirk of mine, no reflection on the way the pattern is written.  Some of us are top down, some are bottom up.

It rested a couple of days; then I just reversed the directions and started at the brim. During those two days, I also got the bright idea to add a little pattern just above the garter stitch brim and picked one I liked, then custom charted it to fit.  I missed it just a few stitches, but I forgive myself.  This is my first time to knit Fair Isle and chart my own, after all.

Finally, the promised photos of Ann’s hat, finished just before the cold arrived!…

Pattern name: “Thorpe”,
Designer: Kirsten Kapur.
The pattern can be downloaded for free from Kirsten’s blog, Through the Loops.

Final notes regarding my version of ‘Thorpe’:  a) the hat has not been blocked yet, I believe the slightly thick-thin yarn will even out with wet shaping, b) I did add one extra short row on the back and the ear flaps were knitted one up to the brim and the other knitted down from picked stitches, and c) I knit the medium for a 22″ head and my gauge was spot on, but the garter stitch does not “tighten up” like a rib pattern. I should have knit the small size. The solution: shrink it! Ann is a master felter, we will make it fit!

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2 Responses to Knitting Update

  1. Very nice! I don’t mind the thick and thin one bit. I’m snafued on the Jester sweater because I have never charted my own fair isle pattern and I’m probably over thinking it…or if it’s not getting touched at all, UNDERthinking it ;-) .

  2. lacolline says:

    Take a close look (double click) at the hat on the right, which is the left-side. I knew that I miscalculated and ended up with a vertical line of stitches. What I just realized is that the mistake acts as a spacer between diamonds that do not match up horizontally because of the short row on the back of the hat. It turned out to be a design feature. Go ahead …jump in the Fair Isle pond. Have faith and it may turn out in spite of yourself. (ask me how I know ;-)

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