Notes on Toasty Mitts

The post today is to share the changes I made to the mittens mentioned in the previous post, “Dyeing with Friends”. I promised showing the¬†Goldenrod today, but to be clear on why JB’s mitts look different from the designer’s, perhaps we better wait one more day before taking a look at dyeing with that plant and the results.

The pattern, 75 yard Malabrigo Mitts by Jeanne Stevens, was a lifesaver for me in creating a gift for our neighbor and hostess, JB. The inspiration was the naturally dyed yarn from berries picked and cooked by JB. And speaking of cooking, JB is also a gourmet cook and feeds us like Royalty at every visit. With all that spirits of sharing soaked into this yarn, my needles flew with ease – a good pattern helped, too.

I did alter the length of the mitts at fingers because I was not sure that there was even 75 yards, although I did have 1.8 oz. which gave me a little wiggle room. The wpi (wraps per inch) were 9, a light worsted. I used size 7 US needles and knitted a small swatch just to make sure my gauge was right (and to appease the knitting goddess – I was cutting it close, after all).
The swatch yarn was pulled out and knitting began with using the short cuff of nine rows. I cast on with double pointed needles, size 10 US, then began knitting the first four rows of K2 P2 with size 8 US. The next five rows with 7 US needles and continued in stockinette as the pattern dictated, including all the increases with the size 7′s.

The next two changes to accommodate my concern for yarn shortage were, instead of knitting 7 rounds, I knit only 3 rounds. Then at the finger cuff, I knit only four rows of ribbing instead of 9; two rows with the size 7 US needles and changed to size 5 US needles to finish with the last two rows. I also used a K1P1 ribbing instead of K2P2. I believe that the shorter cuff just looked better with a smaller rib.
I cast off with the size 8 US needles for extra stretch.

JB’s mittens reach just above the hand knuckles and fit her perfectly. She particularly liked having her fingers unencumbered – I think they will be perfect to wear while weaving or spinning, or cooking!

Thank you Jeanne Stevens.
And the circle continues…

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  1. Linda Byrd says:

    I’m catching up on reading my favorite blogs today and I scrolled down to this one — Thanks for posting the link to this pattern! It’s just what I need for my first-ever spindle-spun yarn. Enjoyed your posts as always.

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