Finally, “Goldenrod” as I promised from our last week’s dyeing day with JB in her studio-kitchen.

To give you an idea of what those cooking pots looked like, since I forgot to pull out my own camera, I will share a fellow WordPress poster’s version of Dyeing with Goldenrod from Crafty Herbal Knitter.  Another reference which gives details about preparation and the results from different plants can be found in the Smithsonian site.

photo from: Fermilab Today 2006 Oct 24

The dyepots pictured in Cynthia’s blog look almost the same as the pots on JB’s stove.  We used only the beautiful yellow blooms that were plucked from the stems of the Goldenrod plant, Solidago sp., which JB had cut from around her own property.

Goldenrod is sometimes mistaken for Ragweed, Ambrosia sp., because they bloom at the same time.  However, Ragweed, allergy suffers’ nemesis and with its unnoticeable little blooms, can be found beneath the tall golden spikes of it’s innocent, showy neigbor.

The Goldenrod blossoms only simmered for a little while, then they began to release their color.  JB stirred the skeined yarn and blooms until the white yarn turned a luscious golden hue with a hint of green.

Now for the final results and a short visual photography lesson. Three examples of what the camera sees with different lighting and how much a camera setting can effect colors on yarn. (oh boy, does it!)
CAUTION:  Only the last photograph is the true shade of Goldenrod on white wool. 

What NOT to do: Take the first photograph with the flash ON

Yarn on mahogany chair, No flash, filtered (sheers) Southern light

Perfect! Wool yarn dyed w/Goldenrod, on mahogany chair, in full natural Southern light - No filter, No flash to take a closer look :-)

This color is my favourite from the dyeing project mostly because it was so stunning to watch those goldenrod blossoms turn the yarn such a rich shade right before my eyes.  The project for these two balls of yarn has not emerged yet, but I will surely post it when it, too, blossoms.

I hope it was worth the wait, and remember, don’t forget to turn that flash Off!

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  1. Getting the lighting/color right IS a challenge! Good job and love the color!

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