Visiting Boerne, Texas

Our trip to Boerne, Texas, last weekend was driven by the love of fiber and the tools associated with it. The Kid ‘N Ewe and Lamas, Too festival, just east of that charming little town, promised to fulfill our dreams and passions for all things Fiber. We three, fiber-girlfriends, were not disappointed.

We arrived at the Kendall County Fairgrounds on Friday afternoon about 2:30 which allowed us to get a preview of most of the treasures in the three large buildings. The vendors, from Texas and our neighboring states, were ranchers, farmers, shop owners, and independent entrepreneurs, who not only brought their wares, but also their enthusiasm and joy for natural fibers and custom hand-made tools that support the industry. Spinning wheels, drop spindles, weaving tools of all sizes -rug, tapestry and wee hand looms. Fiber from raw fleeces to carded and combed batts, natural to hand dyed, to miles and miles of luscious yarns. Books, patterns, and finished pieces to inspire and ready answers to all our questions with an eagerness that makes me proud to be a Texan.

And that was just the Fiber Festival! We also had the opportunity on the way to the Fairgrounds early Saturday morning to stop at Boerne’s Market Days that are held on the second weekend of each month at the Gazebo in Main Square. There was arts and crafts, clothing, pottery, jewelry, Texas souvenirs, and gourmet food products and a cold north wind that inspired the purchase of warm cashmere scarves.

The rest of Saturday morning was focused on our serious attention to completing negotiations for the special fibers and tools that were to come home with us. Pounds (yes, pounds) of Merino fiber, absolutely luscious black Alpaca* fiber, two hand carved drop spindles and two practice spindles, hand-held looms, yarn from Louisiana, Alpaca, Alpaca and Bamboo, and Alpaca locks. Kid ‘N Ewe is simply Fiber Heaven.

After attending the Cashmere Judging at the barn and the very interesting and educational follow-up given by the Judge for his reasons for his selections from last to first place, we headed back to town for lunch. On the way, I heard -turn here!!- …and we landed in the most incredible restaurant, The Little Gretel, that serves German & Czech specialties. Martha and I had the Uncle Ruben’s, Reuben Sandwich and after we finished, unanimously voted to dine there that evening. Reservations were made and, well, words would not do the food justice – it was That Good. I will say that I was traveling with JB, a gourmet cook and Martha, wife of a gourmet cook, and they both were enthusiastically impressed.

Saturday after lunch, we strolled Main Street and to do it justice, Boerne’s downtown and surrounding shops (including a wonderful kitchen shop, Kiss the Cook) really does require at least a whole weekend. But we did get a good flavor and our very last stop before heading to the room for afternoon tea was ….a yarn shop!

*correction:  I previously had written Llama, the black fiber was Alpaca.  There were also live Alpacas in attendance, too.

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One Response to Visiting Boerne, Texas

  1. Martha H. says:

    I am so glad that I got to visit after X years of trying to go and never succeding. It was worth the wait to experience this trip with such Grand fibery friends. I have never been so pleasently exhausted in my life! We did have a Grand ‘ol time and I love my pounds of Merino! I am planning dye days soon!

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