Lovely Distractions

In between the evening show of the days making their exits, weaving has drawn me to the work table in The Cabin at almost every opportunity.

The first distraction/opportunity was to try the Louet Euroflax 100% Wet Spun Linen, warped at 10 epi. It is a sample because I made an error while warping my little Schacht Cricket and had to shorten the progress. It was excellent practice; I will return to this yarn.

After hemstitching the linen and cutting it away from the loom, I was determined to warp correctly and grabbed the next yarn. It has been planned for some time and I cannot believe I waited so long to receive such a reward from the woven colors that are coming from this yarn. It is a sock yarn from Universal Yarn Inc., named Ditto, color 4801, warped at 12 epi. The self-striping colors are mesmerizing, becoming patterns of their own accord and building anticipation with each throw of the shuttle.
My little loom and that yarn is calling me to The Cabin right now.

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3 Responses to Lovely Distractions

  1. Jennyff says:

    That fabric is so beautiful, I am being called too.

  2. Martha H. says:

    Oh, I finaly have a few minutes and so I am relaxing with a cup of Martha’s blend tea and looking at your goodies! Oh your weaving is so nice! I love the plaid that the sock yarn made! I may have to make me up some warp & weft and try that also.

    I will have my grandson with me as of this weekend Jan 22nd. I am so praying all works out well for us all. I hope your home make overs are going well. Weaveing and spinning can help one stay sane. Love you and take care. MAH

  3. Nancy Goodwin says:

    What fun to meet you–and now to keep up with your fiber life via La Colline. So great that the rigid heddle is coming back–maybe our need for the more simple…
    Love your fabric. NancyG

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