January Sunshine

There have been so many days in this year’s Texas winter that have been rainy, foggy, and simply cold, cloudy, and grey, that a quick post about our few days of sunshine is almost necessary.
But how do you capture the sun?

Perhaps not a ray of sunshine (at least my photography skills are not quite up to that task), but I can share how the sun highlights the new grass peeking through along the fence in the middle pasture…
(yes, similar to the header above, a photo of summer long ago)

How about what it does to a winter sky at midday…
(Isn’t that a lovely shade of blue?!?)

The best way to describe sunshine that arrives (usually just-in-time) between cold, wet, dark January days, is to say what it does for my soul while it also warms my body.
It brightens my heart and lightens my feet so that I speed around full of energy and joy and gratefulness.

It fills my ‘tank’ so that I’m ready to get through the arrival of more Texas winter days.

To be sure, they are coming. I’m ready!

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