A Wrap on Projects from 2012

Still relatively a newbie in the blogging world, I began noticing for the first time this year that other fiber artists post a summary of projects finished the previous year. Since I mainly focus my attention to the what other knitters are doing, I’ve been most enthralled with their finished knitted items. Of course, spinning, weaving, and photography also tweak my interest and I absorb what I can from artists from all those fields.

I first thought my bragging list would be short because of the frozen left shoulder the last half of the year, but when I begain my review, I was surprised by the different projects that I finished that were beyond just knitting, well — let’s take a look. (remember, you may click on any photo to enlarge)

First, a little drawing of my favourite sheep, a challenge from Sara, The Crazy Sheep Lady. Boudreaux lives at Punkin’s Patch

Next are the 10 skeins, 40 yards each, that I dyed while attending a Kool-Aid Dying Class taught by Loretta Eaton at WC Mercantile in Navasota, Texas. It was such fun to play with the colors and the combinations on the same skein.

I did manage to get to my wheel before the shoulder hindrance, first plying the fiber won at the Spin-In at WC Mercantile the year before. It is the first mohair that I had spun.

Then Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece for 2012 inspired me to tackle my fiber stash. I had on hand about 4 to 6 pounds of an unknown fiber all combed into one long rolag. It was the first fiber I had ever purchased on my first trip to a fiber festival in Boerne, Texas, a year before. It was not as nice as the fiber from WC Mercantile and Spinning Bunny, but it was a good lesson in perseverance.

The finished yarn is earmarked for a heavy-duty weaving project, perhaps it will become a very warm rug.

There are two knitting projects to wrap up 2012. Today, I’ll only post my Scheifflin Point Shawl from Kelbourne Woolens This is from my first participation in the Ravelry knitting event involving thousands of knitters around the world flashing our needles along with the athletes competing in the Olympics.

I wear this shawl almost every day!

Stop by again for a visit in about a week and I’ll share one more shawl from 2012 and a few of my photographs.
To close, here is the last sunset snapshot from 2012.

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2 Responses to A Wrap on Projects from 2012

  1. judy says:

    What a beautiful legacy of your project year in pictures. The photography is gorgeous…and I pictured you in the shawl in the cabin, spinning!!!! jc

  2. Martha Hanlon says:

    Grand progress and photos. It is good to see you writing aboout tyour piece of heavan again. I loved the tree against the blue sky!

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