“Change Worlds”

A quote that I received from Real Simple magazine’s Daily Thought struck a chord.
The ‘thought’ comes from Henri Miller, “Why change the world? Change Worlds!”

Think about that a minute. You can easily find someone, some where writing or talking about how to change this world (whichever world they have in mind).
After reading that quote, I hesitated, saved it and moved on. While responding to a long ago lesson that ‘Monday is Wash Day’, those words re-surfaced and out loud, I said to myself …
Changing Worlds is like what I call, “Changing Hats!”.
For instance, while doing household chores today, I’m wearing my Homemaker Hat. Actually, that one plops solidly on my head several times a day since I’m the chief bottle-washer.

Hats that I prefer to wear are the Mom’s hat, Spinner’s Hat, Friend’s Hat, Knitter’s Hat and one I need to work on wearing more often, Weaver’s Hat. And!~ some of those hats fit better than others. (A not so good fit just means I need to practice more!)

In reality, our actions do change our Master World,
as well as each of the worlds that call for different hats.
Be aware of your actions and be thankful that we all have the opportunities to choose which hat we want to wear.

Happy Monday.

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