A Mini-Rant

Disclaimer: This report is based on prices found in South-Central Texas

While standing in line at the local ‘box store’ last week, the clerk was entertaining us, me and the lady checking out, with tales of her latest recipe. We really enjoyed her sense of humor and after finishing with the lady in front of me, she quickly rang through my purchases.

After clicking ‘total’, she suddenly blurt out, “What Did You Buy?!”. She glanced at what was in the bags, shook her head and then smiling again, accepted my payment.
Perhaps not kosher in the retail world, but it was a gut response to having just rang up a relatively small number of items.

My purchases were 2 packages of toilet paper, 2 medium bags of Purina cat food, 2 containers of Chobani yogurt, a very small bottle of Vitamin E capsules, and a hair clip equaling $60. That’s right, Sixty dollars!

The only extravagance was the hair clip for $4.98. The yogurt is my lunch on some days and the cat food is certainly not the most expensive. As for the toilet paper, buying in bulk is not only smart, but necessary. It is the most overpriced item in any store, in my opinion, but again — necessary.

I’ll not bore you with stories like, “I remember when you could buy a bag of groceries for $20”, because that just tells my age (yes, I confess that I do remember ‘when’). But I will tell you that my husband came home this week with the basics –real food—that would last about 3 days and his total was $72. Not $20, nor even $48. Seventy-Two!

The moral of this short rant/report, regardless of what our government math whizzes tell us, the reality is a real Economic Depression is bearing down fast! They think that ‘recession’ is a bad word, maybe the whole crew should have to buy groceries for their own families for a month. Then report what the real numbers say about what is happening to people’s pocket books – every day!

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