Evening Towers

That’s right, towers, not showers. Towering cumulus clouds were the photo opportunity yesterday afternoon. They rose quickly, in all directions surrounding the hill. Winter tree-tops the foundation in each snapshot. (click any photo to enlarge)

On your left, looking over the tree tops to the Southeast, the cumulus cloud is just beginning to grow.

And to your right, around the corner of the Cabin, your are looking Southwest.

Below, looking West Southwest, forming into a “tower”.

The horizon looking West…

I had to laugh when I reviewed the collection of photographs on my computer (some I snapped with sunshine blinding me) and I discovered this one.

The Dancing Clouds

Snapshots taken one after the other within minutes and, yes, a cool front moved through early this morning bringing light rain. There are ominous, grey clouds moving quickly from the Northeast right now, so thunderstorms forecast by the clouds above may not be over just yet. However, this is Texas! Tomorrow’s forecast is sunshine and Spring like weather!

Y’all come to visit soon. If you don’t like the weather, be patient. You may be wearing a coat in the morning and your sandals in the afternoon!

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4 Responses to Evening Towers

  1. Ohhh I love the dancing clouds!

  2. lacolline says:

    Thank you, Stephen! I am a sky and water dreamer ~ it’s nice that someone else sees the same message.

  3. Jennyff says:

    At last I’ve found you, you keep visiting me and I could never get a return address. So here you are in Texas, talk about wide open skies it looks amazing and I do like the weather.

  4. lacolline says:

    Ah, yes, a a flip-flop gal would certainly love this weather! So does this bare-foot gal. So glad you stopped by; I’ve been forgetting to add my address here, but now Google Chrome does it for me ~ a good thing!

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