Walking with Jesse

Jesse has been giving me forlorn looks lately and sending mind thoughts like,

“we need to do something!”.

I even considered kidnapping his friend, Oust, so they could play together, but I think his hidden messages have been ..

Get Up,

Talk a Walk!

So from clouds to back-to-earth,
~ here we go!

First stop in the middle of the hill

and a find-it game:

‘Where is the Bluebonnet?

Here’s a better look at what is going on under that winter debris of
leaves, Bahia grass blades from last year, bits of wild clover and dollar weed,
there emerges the foundation of the State Flower of Texas ~ The Bluebonnet…

We walked around the small pond;
there are plenty of visitors that Jesse can track, so he’s busy.
For you, a snapshot of probably the only mature Pine trees left on the ranch.

Their Life-giving-water courtesy of the pond they shade.

Further up our road, across from our little
hay barn, are what we call “insurance”.

…and the cedar stump
that I stood upon to take
the previous photo.

I’m ready to go back …
…come on Jesse

Really, come along…

…it’s time for lunch.

Jesse was the first one to get to the house. Food is always important.
Thanks for the walk, Jesse.

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One Response to Walking with Jesse

  1. Ohhh how gorgeous those photos are! I yearn to see the ground and trees come back to life here in Ohio! Right now we are covered in ice (that’s not even pretty) and poor Barbie was slipping and sliding. We are playing fetch in a hallway and hide and seek until conditions improve :)

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