The Baby Booties Break

Ah, yes, those Baby Booties for Benjamin, the truly mini-project that called for immediate knitting. They were an emergency knit only because I have been distracted by so many beautiful yarns that had to become shawls. After all, I knew he was coming for months!

The pertinent information: “Baby Booties” is designed by Carole Barenys, is a free pattern that can be found in Ravelry or you can find a similar pattern (the number of stitches cast-on are 2 less) on her website. It is called the One Strand Bootie.

Alterations: The pattern in Ravelry calls for three purl rows interspersed with the knit rows on the instep; I used only knit rows. Suggestions: Another knitter used one purl stitch row around the foot at the beginning of the garter stitch rows, then knit until one more purled row before creating the sole.
Also, the pattern calls for 15 rows for the instep; next time, I think 12 rows would be enough for a new baby. There are adjustments in the pattern for larger sizes. (The notebook in the first photo has handwritten notes similar to the alterations and suggestions.) Other than a plain knit stitch instep, I followed the pattern.

The yarn is Katia Austral, 50% Merino Wool, 50% Acrylic, 8 ply (in baby blue, of course), and needles are Knitpicks’ Harmony and unknown metal, size 4 U.S. (3.50 mm). The Knitpicks are my favourite 4″ dpn’s for small sock knitting, which was perfect for the cuffs. But the knitting along the soles call for too many stitches for 4 inch needles, so I switched after each cuff.

(Click/double-click photos to enlarge)

The change to longer double-pointed needles to accommodate “picking up” the stitches along the side of the bootie.

After finishing the sole stitches (sounds like a blues title), they are all put onto two needles and may be sewn or Kitchener stitched (a knitter’s method of joining stitches as if they are knitted). The completed sole… (the brighter color comes from better lighting and color contrast; from work table to celebratory layout. ~ the magic of sunlight!)

Baby Blue Booties for Benjamin…

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4 Responses to The Baby Booties Break

  1. Awwww!!! Beautifully done. Learning to knit is on my list. Further up the list is having my own sheep :) I think people often learn to knit long before they actually have sheep; but I’ve never been fond of being conventional!

  2. Jennyff says:

    A lovely gift and I agree, so much yarn so little time.

  3. lacolline says:

    Thank you, Stephen. Don’t wait to get those sheep. A word from the wise at Punkin’s Patch, fleece equals carding equals spinning. And there you go down the rabbit hole into a wonderful world of fiber.

  4. lacolline says:

    ~ahhh, yes, Jenny, so little time…

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