Timed Out

The Mystery Knit-Along shawl has been set aside again. This time to do some mad dash weaving to finish a project that is meant for a friend.

In the mean time, here are a couple of photos that show a fast moving cold front that came in about a month ago. In the first picture, you are looking West-Northwest, towards the right of the inside pasture. It is 11.05.12 AM
(sorry about the power lines, but this a quick ‘n dirty photo shoot)

In the next photo, I’ve swung the camera a little more to my right, more North-Northwest. You see a bit of the pasture, looking past the fence and above the trees in the Five Acre Wood, a clear line of the leading edge of the cold front has appeared. It is 11.05.49 AM

In less than a minute, you can see the front lifting over the trees and within another minute, the dark grey cloud zoomed over the hill and was gone.

Of course the temperature dropped and the whole event brought us back to the reality that winter was still quite real. A couple of those cold fronts have come since, although not so dramatically. Each one is a good reason to stay inside and finish that weaving project, then pick up that timed out knitting.

Y’all stay warm.

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  1. Oh what fabulous color in the sky. So beautiful. Looks so warm!

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